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Funky Lane, Siem Reap, Cambodia


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    Your Oasis of Culinary Excellence and Bohemian Vibes.

    Mocha & Krem

    Step into Mocha & Krem, a cozy haven where classic dishes meet contemporary flair, creating a culinary sanctuary in the heart of Siem Reap. Our menu is an ode to savoring simple yet sophisticated flavors, inviting you to explore a unique culinary experience. Established with a commitment to providing unparalleled moments, Mocha & Krem beckons you to discover the beauty of simplicity in both taste and ambiance.

    Beyond being a cafe, Mocha & Krem is a culinary haven, inviting you to explore the depths of flavor. Our commitment to crafting an exceptional experience extends to every corner—where the aroma of freshly brewed coffee mingles with an inviting ambiance, creating a sanctuary for those who appreciate savoring life’s delicious moments. Join us on a journey where every dish is a tale, and every visit is an opportunity to savor, connect, and embrace the distinctive charm of Mocha & Krem.

    Opening Hours

    Daily From 07:00-17:00.
    Closed On Tuesdays.


    Phone: +855 93 955 422

    A beautiful haven in Siem Reap. Service was excellent. The latte art was almost too beautiful to drink. The food was very flavorful and delicious.

    By Joyce Kong

    Great coffee, food and very well presented restaurant. Our host Mark was extremely accommodating and gave us lots of helpful information on what was happening in Siem Reap and how to best to spend our time here.

    By Connor Hewison

    High-quality breakfast! Literally the best orange juice I ever had and the coffee is also amazing!

    By Nathalia Reis

    Very good coffee, great drinks, very nice ambience, clear recommendation!

    By Petra Schaller

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